The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa

vanishing girl

I was given an ARC of this book.

3 out of 5 stars.

I requested a copy of this book mostly because of the premise. I really liked the idea of someone who would fall asleep, and then end up teleporting somewhere and have to deal with the consequences of nightly travel to who-knows-where. Unfortunately, this quickly turned into a romance with the trappings of what could have been a great science fiction novel. The government tracks our teleporter down, transfers her to a secret base, and pairs her with a male teleporter. From then on the story is about 40% awesome teleporting adventure/ mystery of how they all came to gain their powers and 60% sex scenes and descriptions of how sexy her partner is. For me, the thing that really encapsulates this book is how in one section the two are teasing/flirting/whatever and he laughs at how lurid her romance novel is, when a couple pages later her internal dialogue is telling us how the v-shape of his pelvic muscles and bones points to his arousal. Since I do not appreciate too much romance getting in the way of fighting, the 40/60 ratio was too high for me to bother with anything else in this series. I don’t want to have to skim through furious make out sessions to get to the cool bits where someone gets assassinated. I am not saying I don’t appreciate some romance and relationships. That is pretty much most of Anna Karenina and that is one of my favourite books, but this books was a lot of lust and not much human connection. If I wanted romance, I would read romance. This book had the potential to be really interested, and just ended up a little blah. I would recommend it to some of my friends who really like sexy times, but it is just not for me.


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