Ever Darkening by Janeal Falor

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I received an ARC of this book.

3 out of 5 stars.

The premise of this is really neat. Our protagonist Kaylyn has always been part of a group that seeks to wipe out every evil person from the face of the earth. Then, they finally do it. All the evil people are gone. So why are they getting a call for help from a nearby village?

Some parts of this book are excellent. It has evil sheep (sounds stupid, but done very well!), a cool premise, and a very interesting ending. My problem is that it reads like a romance trying to be fantasy. For being involved in both the end of her life’s mission and the start of a new earth-shattering disaster, Kaylyn sure spends a lot of time thinking about her potential relationship with another member of her crew. It is unbelievable and really distracting. It either feels like Falor really wanted to write romance and is just using the rest of the story as a structure to hang romantic feelings onto, or she did not have enough fantasy content to write an entire book, so she added in an unnecessary storyline to fill the gaps. I was disappointed, since the meat of the book was so good, but the forays into delicate feelings just really threw me off and unbalanced the entire read. On the plus side, it is short enough that, if you are intrigued by the premise like I was, it is not  a huge time commitment. I just think it had the potential to be so much better.


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