Talon by Julie Kagawa


1 out of 5 stars.

Welp, that was completely, massively and earth shatteringly disappointing. The entire book is nothing but a romance novel with no plot. 😦 . I was not even able to finish this.

Dragons are shape shifters hiding among us to escape slaughter at the hands of their ancient enemies, the St. George dragon hunters. Ember (because apparently subtlety when you are escaping slaughter is not a thing) falls in love with a hunter (because of course) and spends the rest of the book mooning about him and him about her. The only break from the mooning is maybe 5 pages worth of actual dragon action, and the introduction of a rogue dragon who is also very interested in mooning over Ember.

I was massively looking forward to this book because dragons are awesome. Giant flying, fire breathing lizards who crunch bones and hoard gold awesome. Instead, I get thinking about kissing, kissing, and wanting more kissing. No flame-breathing at all! This is a straight-up romance where the romance is the entire plot of the book. Everything about dragons may as well be a footnote for all the focus it gets.

This book was straight up boring if you don’t like teenage romance angst. There is not enough plot to care about if you aren’t completely enthralled by which of the identical love interest she ends up with. I usually always finish books, even poorly written ones, because of a pathological need to find out what happens. In this case I couldn’t bring myself to care. She was obviously going to end up with one of the two brooding, handsome love interests and has no interest in messily devouring anyone, so what is the point? I realize this is published by Harlequin Teen but even so, some semblance of plot would have been nice.


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