Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions by Sheila Grau

dr critchlore

I received an ARC of this work

3 out of 5 stars.

Most mad scientists and evil overlords tend to have a handy supply of evil minions, capable of a wide range of evil henchmen tasks, to make their lives easier. Have you ever wondered where those minions come from and how they were trained? Turns out there is a school for minions! It takes/ creates/ raises from the dead creatures of all shapes and sizes and enrols them in classes to bring out their henchmen power.

Runt has always lived in the school, ever since his werewolf pack left him on the doorstep. He adores his school and wants to become the best possible minion. Unfortunately, it appears that someone really hates the school and wants it to be destroyed. The new school year starts with a strange video being released of some embarrassing minion activity. Things escalate with other pranks and mischief, until Runt is convinced someone is trying to destroy the school. There is a long list of suspects though. One of the new students is acting suspicious, the headmaster seems to spend a lot of time weeping over soap operas and two of the professors have developed a serious rivalry. Runt is going to have to track down the culprit before his home is destroyed.

I am more than willing to present this book to my book club. I think they will love the action, mystery, and poking fun at fantasy tropes. I found it moved a little too quickly and did not have enough plot and character depth for me, but I can see younger kids adoring this. It is fun and quirky and weird. Some of it is gross, so people who enjoy Captain Underpants style humour may find this amusing.

This book was too young for me to enjoy it completely, but I can see others being a fan of it. If you like books meant for younger audiences, go for it! The premise along makes it worth it.


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