Miss Mabel’s School for Girls by Katie Cross

miss mabel

2 out of 5 stars.

I received an ARC of this work.

The premise of this one if very Harry Potter-ish. Bianca attends a boarding school that teaches young witches magic. She would love to learn at her own pace, but with a curse hanging over her family, she must learn as much as she can from the scariest teacher there as quickly as she can.

I found this book moved way too quickly to be satisfying. There is enough plot in this book to make a satisfying trilogy, but it is rushed through. We never hear a clear narrative voice, just a string of actions and happenings. Bianca makes friends according to the story, but we do not get to see very much of them overall. Nobody seems to have a personality because they are all so busy doing things. We also do not get a good look at the world. The plot is confined fairly severely to the school and little mention is made of the outside world.

Bianca is rushed through a series of trials to gain her full powers at a speed that leaves the reader breathless and then political shenanigans are revealed without the reader ever fully understanding the political system and intricacies of the world. Then ending left you wanting to know what happens, but the book was so lacking in emotional connection that you do not want to waste your precious reading hours finding out more.

This book lacked the world building and empathy with characters that I look for in my reading. It felt rushed and unfinished. Not my type of book.


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