Letters to Zell by Camille Griep

letters to zell

2 out of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this work.

The princesses have all found their fairy tale princes and are supposed to be settling down for their happy ever afters. No one is quite as happy as they were lead to expect though. Cinderella wants to be a chef, Snow White doesn’t love her prince, Aurora can’t seem to get pregnant and Rapunzel has just packed up her family to go volunteer at a unicorn preserve. Letters are sent between the friends as they struggle to navigate life and love.

I gave this one such a poor review because this is completely not my kind of book. It is the story of four women dealing with the normal trials and tribulations of life and marriage with magic and fairytales being almost an afterthought. There are worries about children, love, infidelity and work versus the home life. There is really no action whatsoever and a lot of dialogue and feelings. I found it a very boring, mundane book. For princesses living in a magical kingdom, their concerns were exactly what you would expect from talking to any woman on the street.

I haven’t read many books that are written in the letter format, so that was a novelty. It was a good fit for this novel, as we got to see into the heads of all three princesses as they write to Rapunzel and pour their hearts out.

The book has a great premise, looking at what happens when the fairy tale ends and the ever after is supposed to be forever happy. It also fits the princesses into adult roles, where we usually only see them as older teens, like in the Disney movies. I enjoyed having a version of Snow White where she swears and drinks a lot. I just found it very slowly paced. Nothing exciting happens that does not happen every day to many people.

If you like contemporary chick lit, this is probably a great book for you. There are numerous, in-depth discussions of life and love and relationships. It would be a great book to discuss with some girl friends over coffee. It just really was not to my taste.


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