Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan

reign of shadoss

3 out of 5 stars.

I received an ARC.

This actually starts off really reading like a rewrite of Rapunzel. A girl is kept safe from the outside world in a tower in the middle of the forest. She longs for freedom but her guardians insist she stay safe and cloistered in her fortress. Her solitude and boredom are broken when a mysterious boy stumbles into her lonely solitude.

While this is a good premise, the book very quickly became just another YA fantasy with nothing special to distinguish it. The dark, moody love interest and the spunky/independent protagonist are just so standard. Most of the emphasis is on a relationship that develops too quickly and for all of the wrong reasons. The rest of the plot is just something I have read time and time again.

Besides the premise, there really was nothing special or memorable about this book. The characters did not have unique voices, the writing was not special in any way, and the setting and plot could have been copied from any one of a hundred other YA novels. Maybe I am just in a bit of a bad mood, but this was just so humdrum and unremarkable that I would not really bother recommending it. It was not awful, just so standard.


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