Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer


2 out of 5 stars.

I receive an ARC of this work.

As is usual with this blog, here is another fairy tale rewrite! This one is Sleeping Beauty. There are two sets of sisters in this book. One set is a pair of princess sisters: upon whom gifts have been bestowed in return for senses (sight in one case, touch and voice in the other). One sister is struck down by a fairy curse and the other rides off to find the true love who will awaken her. The other pair of sisters are fairies, one of whom is responsible for the curse.

This book really did not grab me at all. The story skips between the two fairy sisters and they both have similar enough names that I kept getting them confused. The story also goes between Isabelle (the uncursed princess) and the fairy sisters’ past. This broke up the story and probably lead to some of my name confusion.

The only really interesting thing about this book is the fact that the christening fairies demand a price for their gifts, and that was not enough to revive it for me.


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